Man vs Glory



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Man vs Glory

During a 41 day fasting, Dionny Baez received one of the more impacting revelations of our time. Through a divine visitation, he received powerful visions of Hell, Heaven, and the profound insights of the Glory of God.

In this new wave of revival which is covering the whole Earth, God is unleashing wisdom and revelation that activates in the believer the ability to operate under an atmosphere of unusual creative miracles, signs, and wonders.

God is restoring everything that was lost since the Book of Acts, and at the same time is doing new and never seen before things.

Impressive miracles, such as instant hair growth, bones being created, gold dust rain, and other wonders, are being experienced as the time is coming to an end.

In this book, Dr. Baez introduces us to a life changing journey, allowing us to live every spiritual experience of his fasting, in which, step by step, he will reveal the deep secrets of God s Glory.


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